Practical information

Participants are expected to come on Sunday, July 25, in the afternoon. The conference will start with the welcome dinner at 19:30 on Sunday. The scientific program will start on Monday morning, July 26 and will be continued till Friday noon. The conference will finish with lunch on Friday, July 30.

The conference will be located at the campus of Jan Kochanowski University in the city of Kielce. All the lectures will be held in building G of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Jan Kochanowski University (Swietokrzyska 15 street).


The hotel (Hotel Kongresowy) is placed 2 minutes walk from the building G. The hotel will serve lunches, welcome dinner and conference banquet for all participants.
The address of the hotel:

Al. Solidarności 34
25-323 Kielce

Dormitories MELODIA are within 15 minutes walking distance, at Śląska 15 street.

Travel information

Kielce is located 190 km from Warsaw (Warszawa), 130 km from Cracow (Kraków), 140 km from Lodz (Łódź) and 160 km from Katowice. There are direct trains from these cities. For train connections, see here.

When arriving by plane, the nearest and most convenient is Cracow Airport. Note that there is a direct train line from this airport to the main railway station in Cracow.
Another option is to land at Warsaw Airport from where one should take a bus or taxi to the main railway station Warszawa Centralna and continue by train to Kielce.
There is also a possibility to land at Katowice Airport (around 145 km from Kielce) or Lodz Airport (around 150 km from Kielce). We do not advise to travel from Lodz or Katowice by train: in both cases there are almost no direct connections and such a trip would take 6 hours or more.
The distance from Cracow Airport is around 135 km and from Warsaw Airport is around 175 km.

Direct train connections

Warsaw--> Kielce, July 25

time details duration
14:45-18:26 Warszawa Centralna - Kielce (TLK12113) 3:41
17:22-21:37 Warszawa Centralna - Kielce (TLK8316) 4:15
17:57-22:00 Warszawa Centralna - Kielce (TLK53100) 4:03
21:40-01:19 Warszawa Centralna - Kielce (TLK13505) 3:39
23:55-03:23 Warszawa Centralna - Kielce (TLK13502) 3:28

Cracow--> Kielce, July 25

time details duration
04:50-06:26 Kraków Główny-Kielce (TLK3816) 1:36
06:35-08:44 Kraków Główny-Kielce (32140) 2:09
07:35-09:12 Kraków Główny-Kielce (TLK32102) 1:37
10:00-11:37 Kraków Główny-Kielce (TLK35100) 1:37
14:23-15:59 Kraków Główny-Kielce (TLK31110) 1:36
14:40-16:50 Kraków Główny-Kielce (32144) 2:10
16:23-17:58 Kraków Główny-Kielce (TLK32100) 1:35
18:00-19:35 Kraków Główny-Kielce (TLK35502) 1:35
19:22-21:30 Kraków Główny-Kielce (32146) 2:08
23:56-01:33 Kraków Główny-Kielce (TLK31502) 1:37

Kielce--> Warsaw, July 30

time details duration
04:26-08:05 Kielce - Warszawa Centralna (TLK31504) 3:39
05:44-08:52 Kielce - Warszawa Centralna (TLK21112) 3:08
06:28-10:22 Kielce - Warszawa Centralna (TLK3816) 3:54
11:40-14:55 Kielce - Warszawa Centralna (TLK35100) 3:15
16:01-19:09 Kielce - Warszawa Centralna (TLK31110) 3:08
17:52-21:04 Kielce - Warszawa Centralna (TLK21104) 3:12
19:37-22:55 Kielce - Warszawa Centralna (TLK35502) 3:18
01:36-04:50 Kielce - Warszawa Centralna (TLK31502) 3:14

Kielce--> Cracow, July 30

time details duration
06:06-08:14 Kielce - Kraków Główny (23141) 2:08
07:24-09:30 Kielce - Kraków Główny (23127) 2:06
08:34-09:12 Kielce - Kraków Główny (TLK53503) 1:37
12:18-14:04 Kielce - Kraków Główny (TLK13111) 1:46
13:26-15:33 Kielce - Kraków Główny (23143) 2:07
15:46-18:05 Kielce - Kraków Główny (23145) 2:19
18:16-20:41 Kielce - Kraków Główny (23147) 2:25
19:22-21:01 Kielce - Kraków Główny (TLK23103) 1:39
21:39-23:15 Kielce - Kraków Główny (TLK8316) 1:36
22:01-23:43 Kielce - Kraków Główny (TLK53101) 1:42
01:22-03:02 Kielce - Kraków Główny (TLK13505) 1:40


The official currency in Poland is Polish Zloty (PLN). There is no problem to exchange major foreign currencies in most of the banks or (more conveniently) in one of the exchange offices located in the center of Kielce and in the shopping mall near the conference place. For the official exchange rates, according to the Polish National Bank, see the table at

As of 8 March 2010, 1 PLN is approximately 0.25 EURO / 0.35 USD.


July is usually rather hot (around 25-30 Celsius) and sunny. Exceptionally, one may expect very hot days (above 35 Celsius, with moderate humidity), but on the other hand, there could as well be some rainy or windy days with temperature below 20 Celsius. Nights may be cold (sometimes even below 10 Celsius). For more information see one of the following sites devoted to weather forecast and statistics.

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